Body Weight Support System Houston, Clear Lake, League City & Pasadena, TX

Body Weight Support System

At Trinity Physical Therapy, we have a unique piece of equipment called the Body Weight Support System. It has a variety of benefits to you as a patient:

  • Patients wear a vest to comfortably unweight you. This means you can walk, run, balance, and perform other exercises with incrementally adjustable partial-weight bearing to decrease the amount of force through your body and without any risk of falling.
  • The BWS allows us to take off 1 to 200 lbs of weight. It is also adjustable at 1 lb increments in order to gradually return you to full weight bearing status.
  • We have one system set up over a treadmill for walking and running; the other system is set up over the ground for balance and exercise training.
  • The BWS is most frequently used after joint injury or surgery, for gait training and return-to-walking or running, and to restore balance after a fall or other injury.

If you are in Houston and have been living with pain and you’re looking for relief contact Trinity Physical Therapy today. Our Body Weight Support System may be just what you need to resolve your issue. Don’t live with the limits of your pain – request a free consultation with us today at Houston, Clear Lake, League City & Pasadena, TX!