Category: Back

Patricia W.

Apr23rd 2020

The muscle spasm in my back was excruciating and cause me to leave work for several days with limited activities at home. My neck stiffness was also a major issue and affected my sleep. I always had a throbbing headache. Trinity made me feel very optimistic about my treatment program and the ability to not just improve my conditions, but prevent its recurrence! After about 4 treatments, including dry needling, my neck actually began to improve and my sleet returned to a more normal length. I haven't had any muscle spasms in my back since. I am a true believer now.

Mike B.

Apr20th 2020

I had a herniated disk pressing on my spinal cord and my pain was extreme and interfered with my work. Before my therapy, it hurt to do anything other than standing still or sitting down. The treatment gradually decreased the pain to be nearly non-existent and also allowed me to function normally in my job. I feel great! Now, I can do normal activities with little or no pain. The staff was professional, friendly, and obviously qualified. I am able to perform better and feel much better after working with the staff.

Mark S.

Apr20th 2020

I had debilitating low back pain aggravated by long periods of driving and I had difficulty doing some exercises I enjoyed. After only one week, my back and hip were much better. My shoulder and elbow have steadily improved as well. I feel great and I sleep much better. Trinity is the best PT clinic I've ever been in. Eric Santiago and his staff are outstanding and have helped me tremendously.