Our Team

Katherine Gonzalez

Katherine Gonzales, Front Office Receptionist

Katherine is the Front Office Receptionist for Trinity Physical Therapy. She is married to a member in the United States Coast Guard who has served over 25 years for his country. They have 4 wonderful teenage children (3 boys and 1 girl) and she enjoys watching them find their passions in life.

Her passions include supporting her children in their extracurricular activities, spending time at home with her family, fishing, and taking family vacations.

Her other passion is her love for Disney. Over ten years ago she incorporated her love for Disney into a part time job from home. She has enjoyed planning vacations for friends, family, and others.

Trinity Physical Therapy is very pro-military and first responder which is what brought her here to begin with. She and her family started here as patients prior to her employment in the front office. She has enjoyed her time here at Trinity Physical Therapy, always looks forward to meeting new patients and learning their stories.