Pre and Post Surgical Rehab Mar5th 2021

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Pre and Post Surgical Rehab

Are You Scheduling Surgery? Don’t Forget the Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Rehab Are you thinking about scheduling major surgery in the near future? If so, you may want to give serious thought to scheduling two other very important and crucial things: pre-operative and post-operative rehab. Surgery may not be as much of a certainty in life

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Chronic Back Pain Feb15th 2021

Chronic Back Pain Sufferers! This Blog is for You.

A Message of Hope for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers Do you feel as if your chronic back pain has locked you out of your own life? This nagging, excruciating symptom can stem from a variety of underlying causes, in some cases growing progressively worse from day to day until you can hardly move at all.

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Feeling Achy Feb5th 2021

Do you Wake Up Feeling Achy? It could be your mattress!

Imagine waking up, fully rested after 8 hours of sleep. As you are gently awake, you move to sit up… only to be hit with an ache in your back. The aches in your shoulders and neck quickly follow as you move, but as you go to stand up, they are eclipsed by the dull

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